What you should know about hose clamps

Brief Introduction about Hose Clamps

A hose clamp or hose clip or hose lock is a device used to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting such as a barb or nipple.The common hose clamps material is steel, surface galvanized, commonly known as galvanized steel, and other such as stainless steel material.

The hose clamps is applicable to a wide range of fasteners for soft and hard pipe connections over 30mm, including torsion resistance and pressure resistance, balanced torsion torque of the throat band, firm locking, tight and large adjustment range.

The Classification and Function of Hose Clamps

1. American-Style

Generally used in vehicles, bulldozers, cranes and ships and other means of transportation, the biggest feature is the steel thread has holes, in these vehicles to consider the friction problem first.

2. English-Style

Genearally used in chemical industry and agricultural manufacturing industry, the application range is wide, and at the same time the cost is low. It is the most suitable need for the factory this kind of demand.

3. Germany-Style

In the maintenance, decoration or maintenance details of the sewer are the use of German style hose clamps, because of its good quality and strong resistance to pressure.

4. European-Style

To solve the problem of leakage of liquid and gas caused by dead Angle when common hose clamp is used for connection of soft and hard pipe with small diameter.Adopted the strong fastening method, it can effectively solve the use of the process of "not tight" phenomenon.This kind of European-style hose clamp is widely used in motor vehicles, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food brewing sewage treatment purification of automobile parts and other accessories.

About Us

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