What is Single ear clamp

Single-ear clamp is an instrument with no protrusions and gaps in the inner ring of the clamp. Size range 0.5 x 5.0 mm. "Promise" means that there are no protrusions and gaps in the inner ring of the clamp. The stepless design achieves uniform pressure compression on the surface of the pipe, and 360 ° sealing guarantee. The standard series of single ear stepless clamps are suitable for the connection of general hoses and rigid pipes. The reinforced series of single-ear clamps are suitable for difficult sealing situations, such as aluminum-plastic pipe and other materials with less elastic pipe connection. Expect the hose clamp we introduced, there are so many types of quality steel hose clamps you may choose from us.

The selection of single-ear clamp

Stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 304 are commonly used, and have large stamping ductility. Some low-end products can choose to use cold-rolled sheet processing. The produced mold is an advanced wear-resistant mold steel, which is manufactured after all slow-traveling. It can withstand 1 million impacts, which can ensure that burrs are not generated during product formation, and the cut is smooth without cutting hands. At the same time, the perfect size of the mold can be used with the product to achieve extremely high accuracy.

The product features of single ear clamp

1.360 ° stepless design-the inner ring of the clamp does not have any protrusions and gaps

2.Narrow-band design provides more concentrated sealing pressure

3.The specially treated clamp edge reduces the possibility of damage to the clamped parts

4. Light weight

5. The clamping effect is obvious

The installation Notes on single-ear clamps

Installation tool: manual caliper for manual installation. The use of pneumatic calipers is recommended. Pneumatic calipers solve the consistency and effectiveness of the customer's process and method of installing clamps, and improve the quality and value of customer application systems by quantifying the clamping force and ensuring the complete consistency of the installation effect, especially suitable for the needs of mass production.

The market application of single ear stepless clamp

Automobile, train, ship, water supply system, beer machine, coffee machine, beverage machine, medical equipment, petrochemical and other pipelines on the connection of soft and hard pipes, non-removable use environment.