What are the different types of hose clamps?

The hose clamp is a connecting device for connecting pipe fittings, valves and pipe fittings with grooves. It is used to tighten the coupling. Generally, two joints are provided with gasket, rubber, silica gel and polyethylene. It has good performance, high sealing and easy installation.Also known as a hose lock or hose clip, a hose clamp is a small piece of equipment that is used to create a sturdy seal between a hose and a nipple or any other fitting.

What Is a Hose Clamp?

This device is used where fluids are being moved from one place to another like in the coolant system, where the fluid is moved to the inlet pipe from the radiator’s lower section. In this example, a hose clamp is normally used to seal the pipe to the radiator nipple.when fluids are under pressure, and the pipe is connected to the nipple without any additional seal such as from a clamp, the odds are high that the pressure will create a leak. Or even worse, the connection will get knocked off completely.

what is the Classification and application of clamps?

American type hose clamp, also known as conventional hose clamp, is the most widely used universal hose clamp.

Features: the rectangular hole groove on the steel belt provides a more powerful and accurate bite, and the torque is larger than that of the German type hose clamp; the disadvantage is that the dead angle under the worm is easy to produce leakage.

Application: American style hose clamp is widely used in automobile industry (connection of intake system, radiator hose, heater hose, turbocharger, diesel particulate filter, exhaust gas circulation system, etc.), fire protection, railway, white household appliances, agriculture, maritime, medical and food industries.

German hose Clamp

The main difference between German hose clamp and American hose clamp is that it is not perforated. The non perforated and clanging design can protect the hose surface from damage.

Features: balanced torque, uniform pressure, can provide a stable and safe tightening effect; the disadvantage is that the lower part of the worm is dead angle, easy to produce leakage.

Application: it is usually used in automobile industry, white household appliances, industry, mining, maritime and other industries, especially the connection of hose. The corresponding material can be selected according to the actual application environment.

Ear hose clamp

Features: 360 ° electrodeless design, uniform compression on the surface of the hose, all-round sealing guarantee, no dead angle; cochlear design, so that the size changes of fasteners caused by temperature changes can be compensated, long-term good fastening state is maintained, effectively preventing leakage; small shape, simple installation, fast and safe.

Application: widely used in hose and plastic pipe, especially suitable for beverage, automobile, ship, motorcycle and industry.

Installation: special single ear endless clamp is required for the installation of this kind of hose clamp; the hose is sheathed with a single ear endless clamp of appropriate size, inserted into the connecting device, and the hose clamp is placed in the correct position, and then the hose clamp is clamped tightly with the single ear straight jaw pliers; when the space is not allowed, the side clamp can be used, and the installation shall be parallel to the pipe fitting.

T-type strong hose clamp

Features: the clamp has strong tensile force, large torque, and provides uniform sealing pressure. 360 ° no dead angle can effectively prevent leakage. The edge and inside of the clamp are treated smoothly to protect the hose. The welded structure improves the safety and reliability.

Applications: T-bolt hose clamps are used to provide leak free connections. Typical installations include truck inlet and hose, automotive cooling valve piping, turbine flange connections, motorcycle exhaust systems, marine applications, hose for irrigation systems, hose for water pumps and filter bags

Torque compensation hose clamp 

Torque compensation hose clamp is developed on the basis of conventional hose clamp. Elastic steel ring is added to the inner side of conventional hose clamp to effectively compensate for torque attenuation caused by aging or thermal expansion and cold contraction of rubber hose.

Features: the unique design of deform-able elastic steel ring has no dead angle in 360 ° compared with conventional throat clamp, which can effectively compensate for torque attenuation and prevent leakage and looseness.

Application: widely used in automotive industry, maritime, home appliances, motorcycle, food, agriculture, fire and other fields.

Hose Clamp is a kind of installation material with excellent performance, which has been widely used in many fields, and has won the consistent trust and praise of consumers. At present, the development of hose clamp in the industry has made outstanding advantages, and constantly attracted the attention of consumers. What are the advantages of installing and using the hose clamp? What should the hose clamp manufacturer pay attention to in the process of installation and use?

 When it is using, the operation is simple and convenient, and no professional technology is needed. For the majority of users, the first condition to be measured when purchasing the hose clamp is in the order of the clip. Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology in Shunfa Universal Clamp, our hose clamp products are widely used in our daily life and it can be easily installed without professional technology.